Excavating – JVC holds a Golden Shovel certification and our operators are GD Level 2 & EK Pass certified. Our safety program and certifications coupled with experience are paramount in providing confidence to our customers when digging around utilities and other sensitive assets either on integrity digs afield, or in congested industrial sites.

Civil Construction – We have a catalog of equipment necessary to handle many diverse requests from constructing roads, industrial tank bases to commercial property maintenance and grade work.

Site Services – Whether you need snow removal, rental and set up of office trailer and wash cars for your new project or on call crane and vacuum trucks for general site maintenance for your group, we can help.

Structural Welding – JVC is a certified CWB company, this allows us to assist our customers with many ongoing modifications often required with aging facilities as well as any new fabrication for up and coming projects.

Piping Modification and New Fabrication – Working with many oil and gas transmission and storage companies for the last 20 yrs has allowed us to demonstrate our attention to safety while leveraging experience to execute a diverse array of piping modifications to existing systems and or new CSA/ABSA regulated piping fabrication.

Ongoing Facility Maintenance – JVC is committed to support our customers in all avenues of their business. If your operation team requires some additional equipment or technical support for a planned facility/asset repair or an unforeseen complication arises, JVC has a strong dedicated team ready to assist in the solution.

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