jvc tasks

Project: Hydraulic Torque Equipment – Competency Training
Date: 2018-05-29
Description: To keep up with evolving equipment procedures and safety requirements, JVC is continually training our team members utilizing practical hands on methods do demonstrate proficiency. At JVC we employ this technique for a variety of activities to gauge our team members ability to execute the tasks in a real-world application, as well, assess opportunities for further training.


Project: Kinder Morgan Canada – Baseline Tank Terminal Expansion
Date: 2018-02-20
Description: During the commissioning phase of this project, JVC was a critical partner in ensuring all new construction was fit for service prior to the site becoming operational. Along with the client, JVC walked down the entire site confirming that deficiencies were not present prior to and during plant start up.

Jvc Task

Project: Edmonton Valley Line LRT
Date: 2017-12-17
Description: This project provided many difficult opportunities, but JVC was up to the challenge. JVC provided the draft design to the engineering group responsible for a casing designed to protect a customers’ buried asset where the LRT was destined to cross. We managed the excavation and assessment through winter conditions, facilitated the casing install and completed the backfill.

Jvc Task 2

Project: Tank Seal Failure
Date: 2017-11-10
Description: Using our confined space and industrial tank maintenance experience, we responded to a request to clean and remediate a seal failure on a floating roof. JVC was responsible to ensure all the escaped contents were removed and the seal was accessible for repairs.

Demolition of Retired Piping

Project: Demolition of Retired Piping
Date: 2016-6-14
Description: JVC facilitated the removal of buried assets no longer in service at a clients’ remote site. Safe handling of aged pipe is critical, managing coating with potential trace asbestos and unknown contents, presents many variables to address. Fortunately, JVC is no stranger to these difficulties. JVC successfully removed several hundred meters of various piping and assets without an incident or interruption to the facilities service.

Spill Response Training

Project: Spill Response Training
Date: 2016-11-16
Description: Adding value to our clients and partners is what we truly enjoy. On this project we provided team members to assist in the training process for mock river spill response. Deploying buoy’s and socks, as well providing a safety boat during the activity were just a few of JVC’s responsibilities.